Annual General Meeting

Alumni Association of Beaconsfield High School

Annual General Meeting

The Alumni Association of Beaconsfield High School held its Annual General Meeting on SUNDAY, May 9, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. (19h00) to review its Constitution, receive a financial report, elect its 2021-22 slate of Officers, and to formally comply with all necessary legal obligations for this committee of volunteers.

Because of restrictions in place governing in-person gatherings, this meeting was conducted entirely via the ZOOM online audio and web-conferencing platform.

The following is a list of members elected to the nine Executive Committee positions.

COMMITTEE POSITIONS                           NOMINEES

President:                                                     Wayne Clifford

Vice-President:                                             Henriette Geerlings

Secretary:                                                     Bill Stockwell

Treasurer:                                                     Don Macbeth

Activity Coordinator:                                     Mark Simpson

Publicity Coordinator & Newsletter Editor:   Diane Jesty

Reunion Coordinator:                                   Garett Lyon

Staff Coordinator:                                         Rod Heather

Membership Registrar:                                 Barbara Hermon

Other business conducted included: receipt of the Financial Statement 2020-21 and the Treasurer’s Report that contained a preliminary draft budget for 2021-22; receipt of the President’s Report as well as that of the Secretary; and the setting of an early June Executive Committee meeting to adopt the budget for the current year.

In order for AABHS members to receive copies of the draft minutes of the AGM, or any of the other documentation presented, email the Secretary at with your grad-year or staff reference information. Requested details will then be scanned and sent.

NOTE: The Executive Committee shall consist of the following officers elected in years ending with an odd number: President, Treasurer, Membership Registrar, Activity Coordinator and Staff Coordinator; and of the following officers elected in years ending with an even number: Vice-President, Secretary, Publicity Coordinator & Newsletter Editor, and Reunion Coordinator. As well, Principal Rachel C, Wilson (or the Principal’s Representative) and the Past-President are part of the Executive Committee and have all rights, privileges and obligations of other members of the Executive Committee but hold no voting privileges at meetings of the Executive Committee.




BY-LAW I – Annual General Meeting

  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held on the date, at the place and at the hour determined by the Executive Committee each year, provided that the Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than thirty (30) days following the end of the fiscal year. At least ten (10) days notice of the meeting shall be given to all members. The quorum shall be fifty-one percent (51%) of the members of the Executive Committee.

In the event that a quorum is not attained, the meeting shall be rescheduled automatically and without further notification for the seventh day from the originally-scheduled date, and such meeting shall be considered legal even though the above-mentioned quorum is not attained.

  1. The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

a) Call to order;

b) Adoption of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting and subsequent General Meetings;

c) Business Arising out of the Minutes;

d) Receipt of written reports:

i President’s Report

ii Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statements

iii Report of the Auditor or Audit Committee

iv Membership Registrar’s Report

v Reports of other Executive Committee members

vi Reports from Standing and Special Committees;

e) Amendments to the Constitution, By-laws, Guidelines;

f) Election of Executive Committee members and members of the Standing Committees;

g) Budget for the Succeeding Year and New Business;

h) Questions from the Members;

i) Adjournment.


Dear fellow BHS alumni member:

In October 2020 the Alumni Association was asked by the BHS Administration for help with the monetary component which accompanied some of the over-40 awards and prizes usually delivered each year to deserving BHS graduating students at Convocation.

Two long-standing examples are the Wendell Roberts (female) and Robert Needham (male) awards that honour a combination of academic, athletic, and citizenship prowess – each has been accompanied by a small financial prize of $150.

On behalf of all the graduates from BHS, our Alumni Association (AABHS), donated $300, allowing the practice to continue for another year. A more recent award was initiated in 2000 in honour of a 1997 BHS grad award recipient who, as an engineering student at Waterloo University, unfortunately lost her life in an attempt to rescue a fellow student from drowning. The award was renamed the BHS Aileen Proudfoot Award presented annually for academic excellence and outstanding achievement in Student Life, which was also accompanied by a financial component.

The Alumni Association conducted a 4-month trial project, so that starting in June a long-term decision can be made by our Executive Committee. Members already participating in this project totalled 90 of 114 who agreed to consider donating. As a result, six 2021 graduates will receive grants and bursaries totalling $1,500.

Now our Association is looking at these monetary accompaniment awards, and specifically at best practices if this practice is to continue — should it keep going, and if so, in what form now that a more secure supporting budget has been restored?

We will we follow-up with complete details about the future of the Convocation Awards Fund, and your input would be greatly appreciated. Email your reaction – positive OR negative – to:

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